Golf Club

At Milton Abbey, we run our very own well-established golf club, set in the beautiful grounds of the Milton Abbey estate.

The scenic golf course was designed by Peter Alliss and opened in September 1972.   Peter’s son, Gary, was a pupil at Milton Abbey but interest in the sport here had originated from the Head Groundsman at the time, George Wagstaffe, a keen golfer who created a practice strip for himself by the east side of the Abbey.  Before long, boys started bringing their own clubs into School to join in with him and the wider interest in the sport grew from there.  It was George’s dream and hard work that led to the golf course being built and his influence remains on the course today.

Our 9-hole golf course is open to members and visiting players, and is also available for hire for golf days, tournaments and corporate events.  Non-members can now play for £15, and accompanied members can play for £10. This can be paid in the Tea Room. 

During the School term, the golf course is open from 8.30am-12.30pm Monday to Saturday, and all day Sunday, and all day throughout exeats, half terms and holidays.  On occasion the course may need to be closed due to functions, and these closures will be notified in advance.  We advise all new visitors to the course to phone in advance before visiting, to check availability.

For more information on golf club membership and visiting the course, please contact Anne Litchfield on 01258 882246 or

Golf Course Closure until at least July 2021

We are sorry to let you know that the Golf Course is likely to remain closed until at least July 2021.

Unlike many other clubs, we aren’t solely a golf course, and therefore our site is a little more complex. The whole school site remains closed for the wellbeing of residents, plus the infrastructure changes that would need to be made to reopen any part of the site in line with the Boarding Schools Association COVID-Safe guidance.

Other golf clubs have been able to reopen with monitoring of social distancing measures and regular patrols by staff. This has never been the approach at Milton Abbey and we don’t have the staff available to put in place such measures, especially when many are currently furloughed.

The earliest we could reopen the course is July 2021. However, at this time, we will also need to make school-wide decisions, based on the guidance at the time, as to whether we should encourage regular visitors onto the site, or whether it should remain primarily a closed site for the safety of resident pupils and staff.

I am sorry this is not the most positive position to be in for our golfers, but I hope you can appreciate the complexities of our specific circumstances.

We will automatically roll-over the unused portion of this year’s membership into next year and members have already been contacted with the options of refunding this unused portion if they prefer.